Kumpfort in the Kommunity

Team Sponsor

KZW is a proud sponsor of a local minor hockey midget team in New Hamburg.

Big Brother and Big Sister

KZW has been a proud corporate sponsor of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Annual Gourmet Dinner held at Bineman's. This years 18th annual Gourmet dinner was a huge success and raised over $65,000. This event features 10 chefs along with their serving crew from various local pubs and restaurants cooking their favorite dish of choice. The 10 course meal is 2nd to none and all the funds raised will be used for programs to enrich the lives of boys and girls in our community.

ALS Society

Back in Jun 2007, my cousins husband was diagnosed with ALS. Glen, better known a "G" from Kingston's hit radio station K-Rock started his short battle with this awful disease. Glen was a very active man in his community volunteering countless hour for local charities. Glen led the charge for the new community center that the Frontenac's play out of that is now known as the K-Rock Center. He also took the lead for Feb Fest that brought a lot of ex NHL'rs into the community to play pond hockey in support of the boys and girls club. Almost 2 years to the day, G lost his battle to ALS and left behind his wife and 2 beautiful children. Since G was diagnosed, our family has been involved in the KW walk for ALS as a volunteer and as a sponsor.

Mike Holmes Charity Ride

On September 25th the Can-Am Off-Road team gathered at the Canadian Forces Base in Borden, Ontario for the ATV Ride in Support of The Holmes Foundation presented by the OFATV and sponsored by Can-Am.

Thanks to a remote military base, the land was perfect for the day's ATV riding! All attendees brought their ATVs and found countless miles of awesome trails. The ride took over five hours and that was just the trails on the Canadian Forces Base!

The riding terrain was diverse. Riders saw sand, rock, mud and the base even let all participants ride the trails used for testing tanks.

But for most, the best part of the charity ride was meeting HGTV personality, Mike Holmes. Mike signed hundreds of autographs and took just as many photos with fans.

Following the ride, the OFATV volunteers put on a fabulous BBQ. Many thanks for all of their efforts and great food!

Take a look below at a video of the Mike Holmes Charity ride below!

Mike Holmes Charity Ride and Commander Test Ride

at a glance

Our Capabilities

Executive Summary of key capabilities

  • Short or Long term storage, trailer storage, Container storage
  • Pick & Pack program
  • Specialty projects e.g. Cutting
  • Rail siding
  • State of the art warehouse computer software, e-tracking & scanning available
  • Racking
  • Bonded facility
  • On site security guard
  • Lift trucks 5000lb to 20,000lb
  • Self sufficient facility with 1,000,000 gallon pond for fire suppression and a generating station to provide continuous uninterrupted power
  • Zoned to allow Both general storage, light industry and outside trailer storage

Feel secure dealing with a Family Business

There was a study conducted in 2009 that compared non-family business to family owned business. According to Orth and Green (2009) findings, consumers evaluate family business better in terms of service, frontline employee benevolence, and problem solving orientation.

Common Values are shared in a family run business which give us an extra sense of purpose and pride and this has a direct impact on how we handle our clients and their business. We have a strong Commitment to the success of our family and your business and this is reflected in our work ethic. Regular companies and their employees punch out at the end of their shift. We punch out when the work is done and our clients are satisfied. We are Loyal and stay Strong through trying issues, like the most recent economic downturn. We make sacrifices when necessary to ensure growth and stability for future generations. Our business strategy is long term and our clients can feel kumpfortable knowing we will always be there. 

Why Choose Us

We are a true third party logistics provider and offer fully integrated, customized logistics solutions.

The term 3PL is one that has been used quite generously over the years and it is important you have a clear understanding of who you are working with. All logistics providers have their strengths, weaknesses, and origins. Rick Kumpf's original experience in logistics was developed in the trucking industry, not an uncommon background for a 3PL provider. In 1997 Kumpfortzone Warehousing was established to deal with growing issues of dock space for small and medium size companies and we have since branched out into additional service offerings by partnering with other companies (especially in the case of trucking and rail). Using a mixed approach we make sure our clients have only one phone call to make to acquire access to all of their logistics needs from transportation to short and long term storage, pick & pack and even making sure products reach their final destination.