Why Kumpfortzone


We Do What Nobody else does

The marketplace has been saturated with companies trying to offer blanket solutions to their clients for years. We believe you require more than a simple solution. We believe you have unique needs that require a customized solution tailored to the way you do business for your clients. We would like to help manage your products in a way that feels like a natural extension of your business and allows you to flawlessly integrate 3PL into your overall strategy. 

We take the time to make sure we completely understand your needs before implementing any programs or strategies for your products. You will rest assured we are working in line with the rest of your company. 

Communication is the most effective strategy in any relationship and this is no different when dealing with a 3PL provider. We make sure relationships are defined well in the beginning and encourage you to be involved as little or as much as you want to be. We focus on constant improvement and strive for excellence in service to make sure everything is handled as promised.


Have absolute confidence that your product is being managed properly by over 30 years of combined experience.

My dad started warehousing and 3rd party logistics approximately 22 years ago. He started this after listening to his customers needs and wants that wasn't widely offered. We at Kumpfort Zone have set out to meet or exceed all of our customers needs from shipping single skid shipments to cutting of bars to special deliveries with Moffat trailers or cranes. I joined the KZW team back in 2006 with a limited background of 3rd party logistics but learned fast that we need to service all of the customers needs to stay in front of our competition.


Your product is secure

Our facility is separated into 5 connected buildings with firewall separators and automatic fire door closers. We have a high pressure sprinkler protection system complete with sprinklered posts and our own generating station to provide continuous uninterrupted power. 

We have a completely fenced property with a security gate that requires electronic verification for entry. We make our facility available 24-7 for business and have 24 hour security on site and on duty. 

Your product is absolutely secure under our watch and we look forward to protecting, in most cases, your most valuable asset.  


Our online inventory management system gives you access to your inventory anytime, anywhere.

Our warehouse software Traker is from a company in California. This software allows the customer to log on to our system to place orders or simply check their inventory. The system also offers Build of materials, bar coding, fulfillment, and Build of material tree. This software allows our customers the piece of mind that their product is in good hands.