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"Whether sending just a few bags or multiple pallets, during slow times or last minute "HOT" orders, or encountering any problems along the way - you have been quick to perform and deliver as promised."

- R. Dowling

"During the course of 7 years service we have yet to have a service failure"

- Will Rice, EVP Operations

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Rick and Rich Kumpf Welcome you to Kumpfortzone,
home of professional, friendly service.

Welcome to Kumpfortzone

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with the services provided by "KZW"

From the early 1990's my vision from a trucking company manager or owner was to provide a more value added service package to our customer's by way of an individual tailored 3rd Party Logistics Program.

Why work with Kumpfortzone?


We Do What Nobody else does
Why does Kumfortzone feel like a natural extension of your business?


State of the Art Computer Inventory Programming
Why do you have access to your inventory anytime, anywhere?



30 years of combined experience
Why is your product being handled properly?



live security team and technology
Why can you rest easy knowing your product secure 24/7?


a complete logistics solution provider

"Kumpfort Zone Warehousing will endeavor to provide a complete 3PL package tailored to our customer's individual requests in order to either meet or exceed their requirements. Customer's and carriers will be serviced immediately upon arrival to our facility."

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