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Pick and PackPick and Pack

Pick and Pack Programs are great for companies that have a great enough sales volume to require the storage of product in larger volumes. This type of program becomes necessary when your business has out grown a typical drop-ship program and requires greater distribution, faster turnaround times, and a more tailored approach to order fulfillment.


Orders are processed through our online inventory management system and then our computers generate a list of items that require transportation. We then pick the orders from your product in inventory at one of our warehouses. Once the order is ready, it is packed and then shipped to the specified destination.


Your product can be stored in bulk, on pallets, or in boxes in our warehouses and later individual items can be taken from inventory to fulfill any partial, full, or mixed orders.



Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Services that’s required above and beyond the normal skidded product and storage.


For example, if your company sells copper piping in a variety of lengths and sizes to commercial builders, you could store large lengths in our warehouse and we would cut it on demand to the appropriate lengths for each customer and then pack and arrange shipping to the building site or specific destination on your behalf.


Quality Control Services for sorting and certifying parts



Short or long term Storage and Trailer Storage

Certified highway and storage trailers for short or long term lease. Simple cost effective storage: we deliver to your location and load as needed plus we can leave it on site for storage or store units at our facilities and deliver when requested.

Short and Long Term Storage


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